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Be sure to check the Va’ad Habayit

The Va’ad Habayit system was founded in 1968 in Israel.  A va’ad habayit is basically a “committee of an apartment buildings owners” who take responsbility for managing funds that are contributed by each apartment owner for the upkeep of common areas and related services, such as elevator and garden maintenance, the costs of communal heating and hot water systems, cleaning, gardening, and National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) for the cleaner/s. The amount varies enormously in accord with the type of services provided, and is usually collected on a monthly basis.  A va’ad head is elected or appointed to ensure that the cleaning is done, supplies paid for and that everything, including repairs to the roof, is shared equally among all the residents in the building.

Also initiated in 1968,  t...

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Retirement Communities

Planning Your Retirement?

A large and growing number of senior citizens are choosing to spend their retirement years in Israel. Some individuals want to join their children who have already made Aliyah, while others come on their own to fulfill a dream of living in Israel. Today, retirement to Israel is a viable option. Nefesh B’Nefesh offers you assistance with integration into Israeli society and provides ongoing logistical and emotional support. Many resources are available to make your move to Israel easier – financially, socially and medically

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