Property Management

There is a growing trend among regular visitors to Israel to purchase a property as opposed to booking into hotels or staying with family. Israel has a vibrant property market and offers a diverse selection of properties in a range of city and rural locations.
Whether you are looking for regular city breaks, a holiday get-away, somewhere to stay on business trips or a place to be close to family and friends, Lava Estates can help with your Israel property search. We are experts at finding just the right property in the best location to suit your needs.

Lava Estates Property Management division goal is to manage our clients properties regardless of them being commercial or residential buildings or even single units and villas with a view to providing landlords and owners with the professional management of their property portfolio.

Zero vacancy is our prime objective. Our property managers handle tenant concerns, provide customer service and help create positive and long-lasting tenant-landlord relationships. We also manage the payment of bills and provide quarterly income statements detailing property performance.

Our premium property management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Tenant Customer Service and Issue Resolution
  • Leasing Units and Processing Evictions
  • Property Maintenance and Improvements, including recruitment of subcontractors for maintenance and security
  • Bill Payment, Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting, including tenancy contract renewals and collection of monthly rents
  • Periodic inspections, supervision of move-in process